Ocean Alchemy

Sea-11 Atlantic


This Manna or ORMUS is made from pure Atlantic sea salt. It contains all of the platinum group elements in their naturally occurring ratios. It also contains magnesium, calcium and potassium. It is made by using all natural ingredients by the most ancient method known. The process for extracting these elements from their natural existence in the ocean water closely patterns King Solomon's methods.

First, the salt is hydrated with steam distilled water and filtered. Then it is boiled and filtered again through a 1 micron filter. Next we precipitate the solution with a sodium hydroxide menstruum to extract the elements into a crystalline matrix. We then allow the Manna to settle and thicken for seven days and nights. We then separate the Manna from the salt water and wash the excess salt out with pure steam distilled water and the Manna is allowed to settle again. We then separate the Manna from the salty top water again. Finally, the Manna is boiled in a sterile glass flask and is then mixed with pure steam distilled water to the proper strength.

All of our Water Alchemy Mannas are made by this process. The differences between them are the natural differences of the various starting materials or "Prima Materias." These are the purified natural salts from the Atlantic Ocean, the Dead Sea and the purified water from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

We suggest a starting dosage of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day. This dose can be increased or decreased at the discretion of the user. After about 2 weeks of ingestion, the user's intuitions will guide them.

The eight ounce bottle is $50 including shipping within the continental United States.

The 32- ounce bottle is $150 including shipping within the continental United States.



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